5th Jul 2020

How does debt collection work in Italy more

4th May 2020

BREVE GUIDA CON ISTRUZIONI PER APERTURA PROCEDURE DI SUCCESSIONE NEGLI USA E IN ITALIA / GUIDELINES AND TO DO LIST U.S.A Death Certificate Formal proof of death is required; the standard proof is a certified death certificate. If the death Read all »

4th May 2020

THE CASE How to draft two wills which regulates the estate of two spouses ( both of American and Italian nationality) with moveable and immoveable assets in the two different Countries as follow: Moveable estate: Italy, USA Immoveable estate: one Read all »

11th Mar 2018

Download the small guide and have a look un the matter and our term and conditions here ITALIAN LAW ON CAR ACCIDENTS -package- and contact us   ITALIAN LAW ON CAR ACCIDENTS According to the Italian Civil Code – articles 2043 and Read all »

11th Mar 2018

Unlike in some other jurisdictions, pre-nuptial agreements are not commonplace in Italy. The reason for this is evident; until relatively recently, even where the parties had entered into a pre-nuptial agreement, the Italian Court would not enforce it. In this Read all »

11th Mar 2018

The case in which an expat resident in Italy receives a lump sum or an annuity from a pension fund or a foreign insurance company ( e.g. Traditional and ROTH IRA in U.s., Register retirement Saving plan in Canada) is Read all »

18th Apr 2017

How to buy property in Liguria without troubles more

9th Mar 2017

In the “2017 Budgetary Law”, definitively approved on 7 December 2016, the Italian Government has introduced a series of dispositions aimed at creating incentives for foreign investments in Italy. Who have a large patrimony , could be interested in obtaining Read all »

5th Jan 2017


7th May 2015

Maintenance of the quality and reputation of Rioja wine justifies requiring it to be bottled in the region of production Spanish rules govern the bottling of wines bearing the designation of origin “Rioja”. Belgium considered that those rules which, in Read all »