4th May 2020

BREVE GUIDA CON ISTRUZIONI PER APERTURA PROCEDURE DI SUCCESSIONE NEGLI USA E IN ITALIA / GUIDELINES AND TO DO LIST U.S.A Death Certificate Formal proof of death is required; the standard proof is a certified death certificate. If the death Read all »

4th May 2020

THE CASE How to draft two wills which regulates the estate of two spouses ( both of American and Italian nationality) with moveable and immoveable assets in the two different Countries as follow: Moveable estate: Italy, USA Immoveable estate: one Read all »

15th Sep 2013

Cross border succession: Italian or English wills The impact of Brussels IV after 17 August 2015 Do you own a property in Italy? Are you indecisive as to whether you should or should not have an Italian will? Are you Read all »

25th Oct 2012

  WHO CAN MAKE IT? An heir or a professional appointed with a power of attorney (see below).   WHERE? To Agenzia delle entrate tax office (where the deceased had the last domicile or if foreign to the office of Read all »

13th May 2008

WHO CAN MAKE AN ITALIAN WILL  A person who is at least 18 years old the legal owner of the remaining assets of sound mind (capace di intendere e di volere). In the event of a dispute over the mental Read all »