18th Sep 2016


7th May 2015

Maintenance of the quality and reputation of Rioja wine justifies requiring it to be bottled in the region of production Spanish rules govern the bottling of wines bearing the designation of origin “Rioja”. Belgium considered that those rules which, in Read all »

15th Sep 2013

Cross border succession: Italian or English wills The impact of Brussels IV after 17 August 2015 Do you own a property in Italy? Are you indecisive as to whether you should or should not have an Italian will? Are you Read all »

25th Oct 2012

  WHO CAN MAKE IT? An heir or a professional appointed with a power of attorney (see below).   WHERE? To Agenzia delle entrate tax office (where the deceased had the last domicile or if foreign to the office of Read all »

13th May 2008

WHO CAN MAKE AN ITALIAN WILL  A person who is at least 18 years old the legal owner of the remaining assets of sound mind (capace di intendere e di volere). In the event of a dispute over the mental Read all »

26th Jan 2008

The Italian legal system, based upon the Civil Law, is characterised by a very high number of laws and a significant variety of grounds for appeal. It is important to stress that legal proceedings, both civil and criminal, generally last Read all »

26th Oct 2007

Tax benefits, such as in the case of a persons ‘first residential property’. In order to simplify and encourage the purchase of a person’s first residential property, the Italian law decreases the taxes liable for those who make such a Read all »

26th Oct 2007

By Avvocato Carlo Bottino  Definition The contract of mooring (contratto di ormeggio) is an italian atypical contract; the contract rules can space from the simple using the port structures for the landing, to the disbursement of launchings other services (as Read all »

15th Oct 2007

A short guide to avoid pitfalls in buying properties in Italy more